Mint your first 1/1 NFT in 5 days

This brand new workshop for creatives will have you listing your first one of one NFT in 5 days on OpenSea.  

I will guide you step-by-step on how to take an existing piece of traditional or digital art, and transform it into an NFT.  Made especially for creatives that would like to leverage this new market but don't know how.

On top of that you will also get information on navigating the NFT community, marketing yourself and your work, and making connections that will help you on your journey.

Every participant in the workshop that completes and lists one 1/1 NFT on OpenSea will receive a special edition collectors NFT designed by myself, that will be airdropped to their MetaMask wallet.

Register now and turn your art / photography into NFTs!

Are you ready to step into the world of Web3 and create your very first  1/1 NFT? 

To understand the new digital space, and how you can leverage your creative work in that space.

In this workshop you will use an existing piece of art / illustration / photograph OR create a new one that you will turn into your very first NFT, learn how to market it and how to make genuine connections in the space.

Suitable for all who want to create an NFT — no tech knowledge required — as I will walk you step by step through the process, with explanations throughout the journey.

I am on a mission to empower female creatives and collectors to embrace Web3 and the power of NFTs.

Understanding NFTs

Be guided in understanding what NFTs are and how you can leverage them as a creative.

Understand the marketplaces, the lingo and terminology. No tech knowledge required!

Minting your NFT

Be guided through the process of crypto currency, your crypto wallet and the process of taking your artwork (analogue or digital) and turning it into an NFT on OpenSea.

Promoting your NFT

Learn about the best platforms and best practices for marketing your NFT.

Included is a social media guide and prompts for the five days of the workshop.

I 100% guarantee you will love this workshop.

If after the end of Day 1 you feel like you haven’t got a tonne of value, and you no longer wish to take advantage of  learning how to create an NFT and future-proofing your skills, I will happily refund you (minus the card transaction fees).

All you have to do is email: by 8:59am BST on Day 2 for your refund.    

You definitely won’t want to.    

But know that you can.

Victoria Brand is a Scottish graphic designer, lecturer and NFT artist.  She specialises in abstract, collage based graphic digital art and NFT’s, taking inspiration from the female psyche and nature.

 Victoria’s art is vibrant, bold and unique. Her personal technique fuses analogue mark making with digital manipulation, resulting in an adventurous array of colours, marks and patterns.  

Her first NFT project ‘Force Of Nature’ launched at the beginning of March 2022, and has gained her standing within the community by being chosen as one of the 100 women in NFT’s and also being chosen to participate in the NFTLiverpool exhibition.

In June, Victoria will also be hosting her first public speaking engagement at the ‘Adventures in Tech’ festival in Glasgow, Scotland where she will promote the #WomeninNFTs initiative. 

The workshop is $47.

This workshop is suitable for anyone with an interest in creating an NFT, from complete beginners to more experienced artists.

You will need a computer or tablet, internet access, your original artwork (if you are using something you have already created), money to convert to crypto currency (between $45 to $100) and a graphics imaging program to create your social posts.You can use the free version of Canva for this.

The course is available immediately on enrollment.

Day 1 will be accessible to you when you enrol. Days 2 to 5 plus the bonus content will be available to you on day 2.

Once you have successfully completed the course and listed your NFT on OpenSea, email me at: with your wallet address. Once I verify that you have successfully completed the course and listed your NFT I will 'airdrop' your special edition NFT to your wallet and inform you that I have done so.

The workshop comes with lifetime access. After enrolling, you will have unlimited access to this workshop for as long as you like.

Absolutely! By Day 1 of this workshop I want you to feel like $47 was a steal — that you received so much useful information about NFTs the NFT space and community that paying $47 felt super cheap. If you get to the end of Day 1 and don't feel amazed at the value of the content that you are receiving inside this workshop, simply email me by 8.59am BST on Day 2 and I will happily issue a refund minus card transaction fees.